Midway Baptist Church (officially named Midway Missionary Baptist Church) was founded in 1909 by members of the surrounding community. Although the true origin of the church name is not certain, it is believed that the name Midway comes from the fact that the church is located “midway” between the Chestnut Yard and Hickory Flats communities of old. Services were held in the original church building until the mid 1930’s when the church burnt down. The fire was caused when the pipe from a wood stove that was used for heating got too hot and the wood shingles of the church caught fire. After the original church burnt down, the congregation met in various places including members’ homes, a school building, and even a store building owned by the Gosem Mines Company. Eventually, a new church building was built in the early 1950’s. This church building was built facing the opposite direction that the old building faced. In the late 1970’s, Sunday school rooms were built onto the church building and in the early 1990’s, a fellowship building was constructed. Through the 90’s our church experienced significant growth and the decision was made to build a new sanctuary.   Land that was adjacent to the existing church was purchased from Dan Baptist and a new church was built. On March 26th, 2000, the church congregation moved into the new church building. Since then, the basement of the new building has been transformed into Sunday school rooms and most Sunday school classes were moved there. The former Sunday school rooms of the “old” church have been converted to a youth room and the old church sanctuary serves as a Sunday school classroom.  
           Over the years, there have been several pastors who have served at Midway. Preachers of the past include Cosby Anders, Gale Baker, and Bradley Mays to name a few. Midway’s current pastor, Myron Dalton, came to the church in 1994. Through Myron’s stewardship and God’s guidance, the church has grown in ways only God could foresee. It is the goal of Midway Baptist Church to continue in God’s service and to be obedient to His will in whatever it may do. The members of Midway desire for the church to serve as a light on the hill and a beacon of Christ’s love and hope for the world and our community.